Met de projecten die stichting Bewegend Beeld initieert en uitvoert, wil de stichting zowel de toeschouwer als deelnemer in beweging krijgen. Letterlijk, maar ook in emotionele zin; ontroering, verwondering, verbazing of verbijstering. Emoties die er voor kunnen zorgen dat je als toeschouwer (of deelnemer) anders gaat kijken naar zaken die als vanzelfsprekend worden beschouwd.

With its projects, Moving Image wants to move both performers and the audience, both physically and emotionally; being moved, touched, wondered, surprised, stunned. Emotions which can change perceptions, change opinions and can change your point of view on issues that are taken for granted.

Projecten / Projects

wild! / wild!

In the Netherlands, the majority of young people lives in urban areas, and these areas are growing. The only nature these young peolpe ever experinced, is the park nearby. Hardly ever they have experienced silence, the silence you find in areas with just a few human beings. Or the darkness of a moonless night in a forrest. For these urban young people the city is their natural habitat. Nature, without streetlights, fried chicken at the corner, without wifi, is an unknown world.


OPEN DOORS is a project in which stories, traditions and local histories are looked into, told and shared, within the local community and with an international audience. By zooming on different European village communities, and by sharing personal stories in a universal context, OPEN DOORS wants to show and let you hear how different and at the same time similar we are.